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Worship at Trinity Lutheran Church

Worship is the central component of life within the congregation at Trinity Lutheran Church.  Lutherans observe two sacraments Baptism and Holy Communion.

Holy Communion

We celebrate communion every Sunday. All baptized persons who are accustomed to receiving communion (including children) are welcome to do so each and every Sunday morning.

Sunday Worship

10:30AM Traditional Worship with Holy Communion

Worship lasts about an hour. Dress for your personal comfort—coat and tie, dress or slacks, jeans or shorts. What’s most important to us, is that you come and worship.

Holy Baptism

We baptize infants and adults. Since there is nothing we can do to earn God’s grace, Lutheran baptism is “grace based” rather than “faith based.”


In the event of infants, the parents and sponsors promise to raise the child among God’s faithful people and place the scriptures in their hands when the time comes.

Rite of Confirmation

We also practice the rite of Confirmation for youth as they transition to becoming adults. As Luther himself was a student and professor,  Lutherans believe highly in education and conversation. 

Please contact the pastor if you are interested in confirmation education or for more information.

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