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We are a traditional Lutheran Protestant church who believes…

  • In God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – the Trinity.

  • That Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, and there is no salvation apart from Jesus Christ.

  • A church is called to share the Gospel and to bring others into a relationship with God in Jesus Christ.

  • That there is richness in the many centuries of Christian tradition and traditional worship that can and does bless believers in the present age.

  • That congregations should function free of bishops or hierarchy, and undertake missions that will do the most good possible for the Lord in both their local context and the world at large.

  • That the Bible is the true Word of God inspired by the Holy Spirit.

  • That we should gratefully accept as the Bible tells us that we are saved by God’s grace, and not by anything we do ourselves.

  • That the Bible is authoritative in how we live and how we witness our faith to others.

  • That prayer is an integral part of being a church of Christ.

  • That the Church is called to uphold the sanctity of life and traditional marriage in the modern world.

  • That we are to trust in the Lord in all things, and to witness and care for ALL people – locally, nationally, and globally.

Christ-Centered Church

  • As a Christ-centered church, we believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. Trinity stands for God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Bible, inspired by the Holy Spirit, is the true word of God.

  • At Trinity Lutheran Church, we follow the scriptures and share the Gospel to educate our congregation and confirm and grow our relationship with God in Jesus Christ.

Mission-Driven: Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ

  • Missions are important to us, and we like to do good things for the community and the world:

  • “We believe that the mission of the Church is to preach the Gospel and to make disciples for Christ. We believe that making disciples — in our congregations, in our communities and nations, and around the world — must be a priority of the Church in the present age.”

  • Some of the short-term mission opportunities include China Service Ventures, East European Mission Network and Friends of Madagascar Mission. Planting and nurturing new missions occurs on a regular basis at our church.


  • Following the Bible and engaging in prayer help to guide our faith and increase our stewardship with God:

  • “We affirm the ecumenical creeds and the faithful witness of the Church across time and space. We endorse the form and practices of the universal Church that are consistent with Scripture, particularly the office of the ministry and the tradition of worship under Word and Sacrament. We seek dialogue and fellowship with other Lutheran churches and with faithful Christians of other confessions.”

  • At Trinity Lutheran Church, we use the Scripture to share the Gospel.

Congregationally-Focused Lutheran Church

  • Our congregation is central to organizing missions and ministries within the Lutheran church:

  • “We strive to be a church that is organized to facilitate the ministries of local congregations in a posture of servant-hood and a spirit of partnership, through the provision of resources, connections and information.”

  • Visit our church today to learn more about our growing congregation, ministry and mission opportunities and upcoming events.  Located in beautiful East Flat Rock, we are an easy drive from Asheville, Brevard, Greenville, and Spartanburg.

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